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Mr Hendrik Johannes Baird  C.Ht. BA (Drama) Hons Master of Arts

We highly recommend this practitioners who has attended at our 6-day workshop on habits and addiction, and who is ready to aid others.

We confirm that Hendrik attended our 6-day workshop that thoroughly investigated the way habits and addiction occur, that introduced the latest neuroscientific research on habits and addictions, and taught comprehensive therapeutic techniques to properly prepare him to help others.

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Graduated from: South African Institute of Hypnosis (SAIH)

The Hypnosis Works! practice opened in 2011. Using advanced hypnosis techniques in a therapeutic way, clients are assisted and guided to make improvements in their lives, using the power of suggestion. Personal issues and problems can be solved once you access the power of your own subconscious mind and so bring about the change you desire from within yourself. Hendrik specialises in stop smoking, changing habits from good to bad, and overcoming addictions, as well as a range of other issues and problems that his clients come to see him for. Hypnosis is a safe, effective and relatively quick way to obtain the solutions you require. Tap into my expertise and experience that has been built up of the past 10+ years and start making positive changes in your life. As one of Hendrik's clients says: "The hypnosis helped align my body and mind's automatic responses with more helpful and adaptive responses. I'm no longer getting panic attacks. My thoughts are positive now. My life has improved so much. And my daughter is doing great, and she is so confident. Why haven't I done this sooner?"

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