Welcome to our Habits & Addiction Referrals

We recommend the following practitioners who have attended at our 6-day workshop on habits and addiction, and who are ready to aid others.

Here is a list of therapists who graduated from Thomas Budge's and Yvonne Munshi's specialist training courses in Habits & Addiction. These therapists have undergone no less than six full days of training, and are endorsed by Thom and Yvonne to help you, or anyone affected by your behaviour.

Persons on this referral list are fully-trained practitioners in their respective fields. We show their professional qualifications, and primary training institutions in each of their personal profiles.

Referral list

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Mr Gary Keith Watkins


Hypnosis Practitioner
Graduated from: South African Modern Hypnotherapy Academy (SAMHA)

Gary is an Accredited Hypnosis Practitioner, having trained and received his Masters Certification through studies with the South African Modern Hypnosis Academy ( SAMHA ) in 2008. He is also an Accredited Senior Practitioner with the GHSC and is registered with the GHR in the UK, as well as a qualified Life Line Counsellor. The training course offered by Gary through Thoughtfieldhypnosis has been accredited by the GHSC in the UK at Foundation Level. Gary is a member of the Hypnosis Guild Of Southern Africa. He is a firm believer in the power of the mind and considers the space he works in as sacred. He is guided by the qualities of empathy, intuition, humour and the power of intention — focused on the needs of his clients. He also works with Past Life Regression and is fascinated by the combination of the Soul and Mind wisdom guiding the process to achieve healing and teaching for the client. Gary works in Hillcrest, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Mobile: +27 83 375 6406
Office: +27 83 375 6406

P. O. Box

Community Hall
Gillits Protection Services
c/o 13 Old Main Road & Moyeni Rd, Gillits

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Mr Hendrik Johannes Baird

C.Ht. BA (Drama) Hons Master of Arts

Graduated from: South African Institute of Hypnosis (SAIH)

The Hypnosis Works! practice opened in 2011. Using advanced hypnosis techniques in a therapeutic way, clients are assisted and guided to make improvements in their lives, using the power of suggestion. Personal issues and problems can be solved once you access the power of your own subconscious mind and so bring about the change you desire from within yourself. Hendrik specialises in stop smoking, changing habits from good to bad, and overcoming addictions, as well as a range of other issues and problems that his clients come to see him for. Hypnosis is a safe, effective and relatively quick way to obtain the solutions you require. Tap into my expertise and experience that has been built up of the past 10+ years and start making positive changes in your life. As one of Hendrik's clients says: "The hypnosis helped align my body and mind's automatic responses with more helpful and adaptive responses. I'm no longer getting panic attacks. My thoughts are positive now. My life has improved so much. And my daughter is doing great, and she is so confident. Why haven't I done this sooner?"

Mobile: +27-72-629-4990

P. O. Box

Hypnosis Works
Protea Ranch

Vlakplaats 354-Jr