Chirology with Jennifer Hirsch

Explore hand reading with Jennifer Hirsch, a Chirologist. Learn how your hands tell a unique story about your life.

Eavesdrop on a telephone conversation I had with Jennifer Hirsch. She is a Chirologist, an ambassador for the craft of hand reading and the ancient knowledge of palmistry. Chirology is a dialogue therapy. In using counselling with hand reading, Jen's purpose is to teach that our hands are our unique, personal guide and tool for self-enquiry, and that their forms and markings tell an accurate story about our physical, emotional, vocational, mental and spiritual preferences. She has pioneered chirology in South Africa since 1991 when she founded the Chirology Centre in Johannesburg.


Thomas Budge asks the awkward questions you would like to ask, he pokes holes in rigid belief systems, and challenges the way the world taught us to think. His aim is to stimulate debate and encourage lateral thinking, so it's okay if this podcast occasionally makes you feel a little uncomfortable.

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Jennifer Hirsch

Jennifer Hirsch

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