LGBTI in Islam

Discover Imam Muhsin Hendricks' pioneering work with The Inner Circle, providing support and reconciliation for queer Muslims. Creating safe spaces and fostering dialogue since 1996.

Islam, like so many other religions, takes issue with LGBTI people. I interviewed Imam Muhsin Hendricks. The Inner Circle started as a social group in 1996 when some Sufi Muslims realised the need to create support for queer Muslims. Imam Muhsin Hendricks, ex-scholar of the University of Karachi, Jamia Dirasaat (1990 — 1994) pioneered the venture with a vision to reconcile homosexuality and transsexualism with Islam. Imam Muhsin created a safe space in a corner of his garage and brought together 25 gay men into dialogue, providing psycho-spiritual support and helping them to reconcile their faith with their sexual orientation and gender identity.


Thomas Budge asks the awkward questions you would like to ask, he pokes holes in rigid belief systems, and challenges the way the world taught us to think. His aim is to stimulate debate and encourage lateral thinking, so it's okay if this podcast occasionally makes you feel a little uncomfortable.

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Imam Muhsin Hendricks
Imam Muhsin Hendricks — Director, The Inner Circle

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