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Hendrik proposed making a movie of Thom's book, but lack of funds killed the project, pivoting them to make a 90-minute audio drama podcast — a South African first.

Around 2016, Hendrik Baird read Thomas Budge's book, It Is What It Is — Grace Through Acceptance. They were already good friends back then. Hendrik asked Thom if he might get the rights to dramatise parts of his book, hoping to produce a movie. The South African National Film and Video Foundation [NFVF] funded the writing of the first video script, but production faltered because of financial constraints. Thom then asked Hendrik if he thought it might be a good idea to produce an audible version of the book instead of a short movie. They enthusiastically settled on idea of producing a 90-minute audio drama podcast. Hendrik wrote the script, a challenge quite different from a movie script, and Thom gave notes and changes that made the story real and authentic. Gallons of tea and coffee later, the production team along with a stellar cast, have created South Africa's first Audio Drama Podcast.

Here are a few fun things — we shall add more, so keep on coming back

Hendrik Baird
Hendrik Baird, at work
Thomas Budge with Bruce J Little
Two Thomases — Bruce J Little with Thomas Budge
(Photo credit: Shannon Kennedy)
Hendrik Baird
Hendrik Baird, Directing Rehearsals
Nicci de Wet-du Toit
Nicci de Wet-du Toit, Administration
Tina Moyo
Tina Moyo, Delicious Catering
Solid Gold Recording Studio, Randburg
Solid Gold Recording Studios, Randburg
(Photo credit: Shannon Kennedy)

Video Interviews

The South African Podcaster's Guild's interview with Hendrik & Ethan Baird