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Baird Media, Lourens Kriel, the team at Solid Gold Podcasts and Audiobooks, Dorette Nel, Tariq Munshi, and everybody else who helped make this audio drama podcast.

When you mention "podcast" in South Africa, the image that often comes to mind is an interview. Yet, the team at Baird Media is challenged this norm by having embarked on an ambitious project to produce South Africa's first feature-length audio drama podcast. Stripped is a story that I must tell, says Thomas Budge, not only to expose the world to political and religious intolerance, but to provide encouragement to the many, many victims of marginalisation and victimisation, because they had no say over their difference from what some consider to be the norm.

Production Credits

Based on the book: It Is What It Is — Grace Through Acceptance (2013)

Author: Thomas W. E. Budge

Publisher: Namasté Trust, Johannesburg

Executive Producer: Thomas W. E. Budge

Produced by: Baird Media

Director/Scriptwriter: Hendrik Baird

Sound Design: Ethan Baird

Music: Lourens Kriel

Theme Song: Keep Right On to the End of the Road

Composer/Artist: Sir Harry Lauder (1916)

Recording Facility: Solid Gold Podcasts and Audiobooks

Solid Gold Founder & CEO: Gavin Kennedy

Recording Team: Shannon Kennedy, Callum Kennedy & Brennan Kennedy

Script Editor: Dorette Nel

Script Advisors: Alan Auld & Annemarie Rauh

Cast Coordinator: Nicci de Wet-du Toit

Photographer: Sandra de Wet-du Toit

Graphic Design: Natasha Ungerer

Video Editor: Tariq Munshi

Craft Services: Tina Moyo

Produced by:

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