Meet our highly-acclaimed and multi-talented cast

Including: Bruce J Little, Tessa Jubber, John Herbert, Errol Ballantine, David C Steyn, Werner Botes, and Francois Coertze, with Dawid Minnaar as Captain Nel.

The cast of this powerful production comprises both seasoned veterans and promising newcomers. In a deliberate effort to ensure authenticity, Hendrik Baird, who is also a co-producer of this project, sought to cast gay-identifying actors in key roles portraying gay characters. He underscores the significance of honouring Thomas' narrative by authentically representing his journey through the voices of those who share similar identities and experiences, and says, I am truly awed by the eagerness of big-name actors to sign up for this audio drama podcast.

The Cast

Thomas Budge — Bruce J. Little

Erith Budge — John Herbert

Yvonne Budge — Tessa Jubber

Captain Nel — Dawid Minnaar

Sergeant Vermaak — Werner Botes

Lieutenant Jacques Engelen — Almar Müller

Stefan — Henri Strauss

Chris — Scott Paton-Levin

Corporal — Francois Coertze

Elder 1 — Errol Ballantine

Elder 2 — David C. Steyn

Prisoner 1 — Nj Hourquebie

Prisoner 2 — Kevin Narain

Magistrate — Nico Loubser

Bank Inspector — Hendrik Baird

Military Policeman — Hendrik Baird

Eric — Thomas Budge

Introduction — Thomas Budge

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Cast at Rehearsals
The Cast at Rehearsals at Protea Ranch, 4 May 2024
David C Steyn Dawid Minnaar Henri Strauss Kevin Nerain Bruce J Little Almar Muller Scott Paton-Levin Nj Hourquebie John Herbert Tessa Jubber Francois Coertze Werner Botes Errol Ballantine Nico Loubser